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Our product is recognized as a brand that specializes in post-surgical compression garments and is a brand recommended by specialists as it accelerates the recovery and positive results of aesthetic procedures. With a certification in the production and sale of compression garments and medical – surgical garments, post – operational garments, maternity garments, post-partum garments and daily shapewear garments.

Our brand converts compression garments and shapewear in products of the latest generation with lighter and intelligent materials…

Vivel Tex

We offer the best alternatives with fabrics that have several components; exclusive products of our brand. A combination of botanical and marine extracts that release the active ingredients of Vitamin E, Cosmacol EMI, Seaweed and Ginkgo Biloba upon contact with the skin. .

Cosmacol EMI

Contains properties high in moisturizer for dry skin. Contributes to repair damage skin.

Ginkgo Biloba

Recognized for its capacity to produce and regenerate collage in the skin, is an anti-inflammatory, anti-allergen and has an antioxidant effect.


Improves the circulation of the lymphatic system and of the blood, contribute to eliminating fat and reducing inches.

Vitamin E

Assist the skin in its natural regenerative process. Accelerate the scar process and reduce inflammation.

You will recognize Viveltex for its characteristic scent which can last up to 35 washes. While it may lose its properties remain active for much longer.